Neuro Wellness Solutions Therapy

A Psychological Telehealth Service

At Neuro Wellness Solutions Therapy (NWST), our practice encourages optimal brain health from a holistic perspective. “Holistic” means to look at the wide variety of elements that influence your thoughts and behaviors. Your brain, on a neurological level, directly affects your physical symptoms and emotional mental health.

Our practice is solution-focused, using evidence-based treatment techniques and interventions, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Our philosophy in therapy is to collaborate with you to help address your goals, symptoms, and move towards the life you want to achieve. At Neuro Wellness Solutions Therapy, our aim is to help you find your path to wellness.

We also specialize in Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder (FNSD). Individuals with FNSD have higher rates of anxiety, depression, and trauma than the general population. Addressing these issues alone does not resolve FNSD symptoms for many people. For this reason, we work with you in identifying the root cause of your symptoms using research-based techniques. These techniques may lead to dramatic changes in frequency, intensity, and duration of episodes, and sometimes, full resolution of FNSD symptoms.

Our practice includes…


Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder (FNSD) & Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES).

Doctors assure you nothing  is medically wrong with you. You have had lots of tests, and they all say nothing is wrong, yet you have symptoms that keep you from doing almost everything - very real symptoms that come on suddenly one day, and quickly start happening all the time.

It’s not all in your head. Symptoms can manifest in many ways including pseudo-seizures, stiffness, weakness, inability to move one or both limbs, ticks, blindness, or speech issues.

So, the big questions: Why are you having them and how do they stop happening?

If there was a simple solution, you would have figured it out on your own. If the answer was the same for everyone, or even most people, your doctors would have told you what it was. Unfortunately, it is different for everyone.

We offer an assessment with the goal of answering those questions.


Unresolved trauma can be the driving force behind many symptoms such as depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem & self-confidence, difficulty with relationships, sexual dysfunction, feelings of worthlessness, and suicidal thoughts.

Our practice can help you identify and start to heal from the negative beliefs that came out of the trauma, and how those beliefs are affecting your life.

Trauma can make you want to avoid, or just feel numb to the world. It affects relationships, performance at work, and can make us doubt who we are and what our purpose is.

In many cases, treatment for trauma does not include reliving the traumatic event. Sometimes the focus is on the here and now - learning how to manage symptoms that are tripping you up today. Our philosophy is that there is no one treatment style that works for everyone. We work with you to help figure out which tools will give you the best chance of success.


Depression can be crippling and "take the living out of life." Days feel like a repetition of pain, frustration, and loneliness.

Depression can drive us towards  unhealthy activities that numb us out in the short-term but ultimately only provide a temporary distraction, or additional problems.

There are many ways to address depression.

For most people, treatment includes a combination of interventions such as: recognizing current and past hurt/disappointment and learning how to manage it, changing thoughts, creating new routines that foster self-confidence/self-worth/self-esteem, increasing support, or help to stop doing habits that foster depression.

For more information on depression, see


Chronic illness directly impacts mental health and quality of life. Adjusting to a new illness or physical limitations can make you question who you are and what your purpose is. We can assist in finding new direction and meaning.

Many times, doctors ask us to do things to improve our health, or to stop further decline. Changing diet, starting new routines, quitting habits that harm our health are all tough to do alone. We work with you to take control of factors that influence your health.

ADHD Assessment
& Treatment

ADHD affects more than just school or work. It affects relationships between coworkers and loved ones, as well as the ability to finish simple tasks like  laundry or dishes.

We provide ADHD assessment for children and adults that includes a comprehensive interview and seeks alternative explanations to your symptoms.

Assessment includes specific treatment recommendations that may improve your symptoms and experience apart from medication options.

If you know you have ADHD and are struggling with symptoms, we offer assistance by providing strategies for your specific issues.

If you have a goal you are struggling to accomplish, our practice aims to teach you the tools to make progress.

Our objective is to help you see that some of your ADHD traits can be leveraged as a strength, not a weakness.

& Panic Attacks

Anxiety can foster self-doubt, and shatter self-esteem and self-confidence. Many people self-medicate to sooth anxiety by avoiding situations, or using alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, or other behaviors that temporarily provide relief, but then lead to the belief that we can’t cope without them or create further issues.

Panic attacks are a treatable psychological condition. With appropriate treatment, people experiencing panic attacks can experience full resolution of their symptoms.

Treatment, for either or both, is multifaceted. Part of it is about learning how your brain works. We collaborate with you to understand your thoughts and how you respond to them. Another part of treatment is learning how to decrease your overall stress and anxiety level.

Our practice focuses on education and providing tools to help you control your experience.


It’s not just about learning how to stay calm when our fight or flight response is triggered. We work with our patients to regulate anger and manage angry feelings.

We provide a nonjudgmental and empathic space to explore why you are having an anger reaction - and provide tools to address the intensity and frequency of these reactions.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

There are many ways people have defined hypnosis. Contrary to depictions in the media, which have individuals staring blindly at a swinging watch and clucking like a chicken, hypnosis is far more subtly nuanced yet can be extremely powerful.

Many describe the experience of hypnosis as a pleasant state of deep relaxation, where external stimuli are greatly diminished, which allows them to suspend their reality so that the imagination opens out beyond its usual boundaries, so that they can focus more deeply on their own helpful internal resources.

Hypnosis is something that anyone can learn to do. Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process during which the therapist’s suggestions, while you are in a relaxed state, help you explore and rehearse different feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in your imagination - which may help you overcome your current challenges in real life.

There is substantial research documenting how effective Clinical Hypnotherapy can be in treating and managing a variety of issues. Clinical Hypnotherapy, when compared to other types of treatment interventions/methods, can achieve better results in less time. Clinical Hypnotherapy has been documented to effectively treat issues including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, OCD type behaviors, FNSD, chronic pain, weight loss, and addictions.

Relationship Issues

Feeling like you aren’t understood or getting your needs met can tear relationships apart. Sometimes, an unresolved event can foster resentment or mistrust, and slowly decay a relationship. To support marriage issues, open relationships, and polyamory issues, we provide a nonjudgmental and empathic space, where you can learn how to identify your needs and effectively communicate them. Sometimes, this is done as couples work, or individually.

Divorce recovery is the intense process of moving forward during and after divorce. We can support you through this process. When children are involved, a new relationship of co-parenting can be tricky to establish. We can assist you in building co-parenting strategies, so you can be on the same page of helping your children thrive.

Domestic violence is more than physical abuse. Verbal and emotional abuse can leave traumatic scars that shadow future relationships. Being told something repeatedly is a form of brainwashing that can be challenging to undo and leave you with knee jerk reactions questioning yourself or your partner's every interaction.

You are not damaged goods, unlovable, or weak.

We support you to heal and grow. This includes learning how to trust yourself again, and trust others. We aid in the development of skills with the goal of breaking codependent patterns and fostering healthy relationships.

& Postpartum

Pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a new mother can come with unforeseen physical and emotional conflicts. Managing the guilty feelings for all that you aren’t doing (or guilt for not feeling joy or love for your newborn) can contribute to postpartum depression.

It’s common to have disturbing thoughts that can leave you wondering if you are going crazy. They can come like an avalanche of constant worry and can include thoughts of harming yourself or your baby.

Getting support for your experience and learning what to do when you have these thoughts can make all the difference.

We offer support for women during pregnancy, postpartum, and with loss of baby.

Grief & Loss

Grief can put a fog over life, and it may make you wonder if you will ever feel joy again. The concept of starting a new life can create feelings of worry and fear - as the old life no longer exists. 

The phases of grief and loss can come on in waves, in any order, at any time. We help you understand grief response and provide space to work through the grieving process and strategies to better cope with day-to-day life.

Queer & LGBTQ+

At NWST, we have providers who have specialized training and extensive experience to work with the complex and layered issues faced by members of the greater Queer community.

It is our philosophy that there exists a colorful rainbow of expression under the umbrella of the greater LGBTQ+ community.

We strive to create and promote and atmosphere in which you feel 100% safe as member of these communities: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Genderqueer, Gender fluid, Transgender, Transsexual, Cross-dressing, Kink, BDSM, Sexually Fluid, Polyamorous, HIV+, Gay Adoptive Parents, two spirit, and more.

Our Holistic Approach to Mental Wellness

At NWST, our philosophy is to identify and work with the many elements of your individual circumstances including lifestyle, relationships, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical struggles, mood, thoughts, and behaviors.