About Our Practice

Our Founder

Our founder, Clinical Psychologist, Rebecca Scott, PsD, has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in neuropsychology, and subspecialties in trauma, rehabilitation psychology, and somatization disorders – and additionally, a minor and certification in Holistic Health.

Dr. Scott has a wide range of clinical experience, including individual therapy as well as work in the community, primary care, and hospital settings. Her residency at the University of Florida, a level one trauma center, supported her training in grief and trauma psychology, and various somatic disorders. She is trained to help with adjusting after intense change or loss.

After residency, Dr. Scott worked in outpatient settings where she provided individual therapy to address a variety of mental health issues. From working with primary care and hospital settings, she has developed additional subspecialties in postpartum issues, domestic violence recovery, divorce recovery, managing ADHD symptoms and ADHD related depression and anxiety, somatic disorders, and functional neurological symptom disorder (all subtypes including PNES).

Our Team of Providers

Patients come to us for many different issues. All have something in common: the desire to improve. That can be in more than one area – maybe you are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, or painful thoughts from the past. Maybe you want to improve your mood, thoughts, behavior, and/or relationships.

All the providers at Neuro Wellness Solutions Therapy specialize in clinical psychology and are here to support you in making the changes you would like to see. Our goal is to support you with interventions, so that ideally, you will complete treatment.